To really understand and explore the city

From the Duccio di Boninsegna Majesty to the Magnificence of Santa Maria della Scala Museum, the Sienese history is something not to miss.

We can also provide walking itineraries that can lead you to less touristy and crowded sites which are still full of charm and interest. There are three different areas which divide the town of Siena: Il Terzo di Camollia (where lI Senesino B&B is located), Il Terzo di Città and Il Terzo di san Martino.
This town partition is just for the Historical town of Siena, the one inside the fourteen Century city walls: Each section (I Terzi) offers the possibility to discover monuments and historical anecdotes.
This is why at Il Senesino we offer you a City Map which has all the information you will need to be able to fully enjoy your Sienese holiday. It is also possible to organise and book tours with specialised official guides. Ask Caterina and Cristiana for more information and details.
It is also possible to organise tours to discover the magnificent surrounding areas of the city, in the “Terre of Siena” that everybody dreams about.

Sienese Cuisine

Those who have had the pleasure of tasting the Sienese cuisine, have discovered the strong and exceptional flavours that make it unique.

From the typical Sienese black croutons (made with pork liver) to the Ribollita (Vegetables and bread deep soup), the meat, la Trippa (tomato a spices seasoned tripe), wild game and the typical spiced sweets of Panforte, Panpepato and Ricciarelli.
The history of these foods have ancient peasant origins, with just a few ingredients of the land, housewives were able to prepare delicious meals that nowadays are served in Taverns, Restaurants and “Vinai”, places that reproduce the spirit of the "bettole" (Taverns) of the past where sipping a glass of wine whilst tasting anchovies with pesto, ham and pecorino cheese. During your Sienese stay you cannot miss the food and wine experience and for those interested in the secrets of the Sienese cuisine, at Il Senesino B&B, you can book a lesson in the kitchen of a cooking school.

Wine Tastings

The sublime flavour of the Sienese wine: One glass of red wine can tell the story of a land of important winegrower producing big Docg (Denominazione Origine Controllata Garantita)

Every area of the Sienese territory has an important wine production: Montepulciano with its Nobile, Montalcino with its Brunello, The Chianti area with its Chianti Classico, San Gimignano with its Vernaccia and the Val d’Orcia with its Orcia. This is an experience that you can live at the table of Restaurants, Taverns and wine shop, discovering the most suitable combination between the chosen dish and the wine to be paired or staying on a dedicated tasting.
For those who want to go deeper in the Sienese wine field, it is also possible to visit cellars and wine producers located in the Sienese Countryside, the staff at Il Senesino B&B can book for you a Chianti Tour or make direct arrangements with specific wine producers that offer this service.

Siena and the Love for its Contradas (Districts)

The Palio, is not just a race, it's a passion for the Sienese. It is the most important event in the Sienese calendar and local people live for this occasion which takes place on 2nd of July and 16th of August, every year.

An assault on the senses, that takes place in less than one-minute, which is the length of time for three laps for the jockeys and their horses. At the end of the race there is a huge celebration for the winner who rejoices for the “Cencio” (trophy) they have won. But for the Sienese people it is much more than the simple victory, it is to live every day in the deep bond with the district, a second family where joys and sorrows are shared.
The town is divided into seventeen districts, which is a unique example of traditions that are handed down from father to son to find themselves in the common ideals under the Sienese symbol of Balzana, the Black and White town’s crest.
To know the Palio is to discover the story of people that have been able to evolve, keeping unchanged the link with the past with its symbols that are found in the multicolour flags of the Contrada waving in the districts during the days of the titular feast.
Palio is also about the true love for the Horse as a symbol of power, speed and victory.
People from Siena have a great affection for this extraordinary animal and many of them breed and train horses to participate in the Palio race. In the Sienese countryside there are numerous stables where the jockeys take care of their horses designated to the Palio. They train them galloping along the white dirt paths or in the tracks similar to the Campo square they have recreated. A fascinating world to which the visitor must approach with respect and curiosity, discovering how traditions can become life.

Immerse yourself in the amazing Sienese traditions, history, culture and delicious food and wine. Siena and its surrounding territory deserve an in depth visit to discover local treasures and to taste local produce.
We are at your disposal to make your Sienese trip an unforgettable one.
We can help organise guided tours with the support of professional local experts so that you are able to discover the city, its surrounding areas and the most prestigious vineyards and cellars.
We can also arrange rental cars, motorbikes and pedal-bikes to explore the countryside or cycling along the Francigena way.
Please drop us an e-mail and we will make your dreams become true.
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